Drug Free Pain Relief

Control and Manage Pain using Hypnotherapy – by Dee Twentyman

Ouchahh! How many times have you had that painful experience? More than once in your life I guarantee. That painful sensation is doing an essential job. It’s helps us to maintain our health and wellbeing and quite often it helps in our very survival.

Without that vital message from our pain centre in the brain we wouldn’t even be aware that anything in our body was needing our immediate attention.

When we experience that ‘acute’ pain for the first time, our initial thought is to go and visit our Doctor to get it checked out and to make sure we get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Usually this is all that is needed and all is well. But let’s say you did that quite some time ago, and yet the pain is still there, nagging away at you.

This is what we call ‘Chronic Pain’ and it affects millions of people on a daily basis. It’s effects are such, that it can seriously harm the mental and emotional wellbeing of the person who is having to deal with Chronic Pain every day. If you suffer with Chronic pain then you will know that is affects your quality of life and your days are caught up in the suffering and the worry of a whole future of pain in front of you. Is this You?

Do you have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, headaches, back ache or other pain following surgery, cancer treatment, phantom limb pain, or do you have a progressive condition where pain is an issue?

As i have already mentioned, pain is either, ‘Acute’ or ‘Chronic’. Acute pain is an essential element of our bodily responses, as it tells us that something needs our immediate attention, this type of pain is there for a reason. It’s what we term your Call to Action.

Chronic Pain is very different, it’s the signal that appears to be stuck once the cause has been found and dealt with. It just unnecessarily, nags away, serving no real purpose any longer.

Again, when we want to turn off this pain we make another trip to the Doctors surgery, or the pharmacy. We may ask their advice and get more painkilling drugs. What we are doing, is looking outside of ourselves for help and relief. We have been conditioned to do this, but we rarely if ever, look inside ourselves to manage that discomfort. Our body has it’s own very powerful analgesics and we can be taught how to access them, and this is where true pain relief can be found.

When you begin to understand this, when you are shown how to do this, you are one step closer to freeing yourself from the grip that chronic pain can have on your life.

Properly applied hypnosis, mindfulness, guided imagery and self hypnosis, give you the power to direct and instruct your mind to reduce and even silence any pain you may experience. These techniques do not involve drugs or other pain relief gadgets such as TENS. Your own mind is all you need.

There are people who may well doubt what i am saying, however, there is a huge body of research to prove that this is true. There are records of actually surgery being performed using hypnosis as the sole method of anaesthesia. It is the same techniques that you will learn if you decide to give this your attention. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing chronic pain of any kind and would like to take back control of your life, then there really is no reason not to give this gift of Drug Free Pain Relief to yourself.

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What State are you in?

Quite often when we are feeling under the weather, when our body doesn’t respond the way we would like its very easy for us to use that as the reason we are ‘down’.  We quite often believe that if we were physically well then we would be able to create the life that we want to live, and yet its our mindset that we need to alter in order for our body to respond to that.

You will have had, many times, when you felt that you were on a roll and nothing could stop you!  At times like these, you may notice that your body worked better too.  You feel GREAT!  I’m sure there are other times too that you have felt whatever you touched went wrong, and every step you took led you down a blind alley! Yes?  At times like these you probably also noticed a tension in your neck and shoulders, or a headache, maybe your gut began ‘playing up’ or the Chronic pain felt worse on those days.

This happens because of the internal talk and representations we hold.  What and how you visualise, and what and how you talk to yourself about the situation or event will create very different states.

When you are angry at someone then this will translate into your physiology, your body posture changes, your muscles respond by tightening up, and a set of behaviours are then played out. You might slam a door, punch something, etc.

All of this physical tension will tend to magnify your negative feelings.  When you are feeling vibrant and alive you see the world differently, you are filled with optimism confidence etc.

The key is to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want.  When you focus on the things you don’t want and all the possible problems, you put yourself in the state that will give you all the very things you are trying to avoid.  Focus on the reality you want and your state will change, it will support all the things you want and you will create the things you dream of.  Your body will be calm and at ease and those niggling aches and pains, those IBS symptoms will be gone.  Change your state, Focus on what you want you will be surprised by the results!  What do you make of that?

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Erroneous Beliefs

The most effective way to lose weight, is ‘move more and eat less’. However, most people that ever got into the habit of ‘moving less and eating more’, will tell you how hard it is to change these bad habits.  It’s that false belief, that actually makes it harder to change.  A self fulfilling prophecy if you like.  Our belief system defeats us before we even start the process of change, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me explain. Imagine the human brain to be a massive filing cabinet. When we are born, apart from out instinctive knowledge, it is full of empty files, but then gradually as we go through life these files are filled with information about the world we live in, and these files, in turn become our ‘belief system’. Much of what we learn comes from our own experiences, i.e. if I do ‘this’….. ‘that’ happens. However one of the reasons why man is so successful is his ability to learn not just from his own experiences, but also from others. So for example, the chances are that, stored away in one of the countless files in your brain, is a file labelled….’DON’T EAT DEADLY NIGHTSHADE’…it will kill you (clue’s in the name! However, did you experience it yourself to learn this? Well as you’re still here, evidently not.  Important information is passed on down the line.  Much of what we fill our belief system with is what we have learned from others. The Rest is made up!  yes That’s right, made up.  We do this in an attempt to make sense of things that our immature brain cannot rationalise at the time we experience an event in early childhood.

The problem is however, whilst we are programmed to take onboard information from others to survive, we take on board a lot of erroneous stuff too. That information is also filed away in our minds, and helps make up our belief system.

Let me give you an example of how our subconscious minds can take on board information as ‘truth’ and yet….are ‘not’ fact:-

Glance at the following passage and tell me how many letter ‘F’s u see in the text:


Four right! Let’s face it, it’s not hard is it. If you said four you are telling the truth. If you had a million pounds how much of it would you wager that there are four F’s in that passage? – probably all of it.  However, there are actually 6 F’s! The subconscious will usually not register the 2x F’s on the words ‘OF’, because to the subconscious, it is actually pronounced as ‘OV’ and therefore discounts them

So once the belief system takes something on board it finds it very hard to let go of that belief.

Some prime examples of this are speaking to others who have tried to lose weight. How many people do you know that actually say losing weight is ‘EASY’? Yeah, thought so…..very few. Most say it is really hard to do.  Many will tell you, that even when they succeed in losing weight, they found it even harder to keep that weight off, RIGHT?

Similarly to the above example with the 4 ‘F’s’, they are telling you the truth….’their truth’, which hopefully now you realise truth does not always equal fact.  They truly ‘did’ find it difficult. Why? Almost certainly, because others told them the same thing, ‘IT WILL BE DIFFICULT’. So as we also learn by others experiences, another ‘belief file’ is filled with, ‘losing weight WILL BE DIFFICULT’.

Once a thought becomes a part of your own subconscious belief system, it will actually ‘become’ difficult for that person to lose weight until that belief is pulled out by the grass roots and replaced with a positive belief that actually losing weight is going to be really EASY.  If you manage to do that ‘losing weight really WILL be easy’.

This is where Hypnotherapy comes into a class of its own.

Our conscious mind is pretty puny only being able to handle approximately 8 different thoughts at anyone time, so even though consciously you might appreciate the reality, i.e. I can lose weight easily, your subconscious mind (which is a power house and could run the whole of the BT telephone network at any moment in time) effortlessly prevails with it’s negative belief that it will be difficult to lose weight.  This is why so many people lose a few pounds as they make a supreme conscious effort to lose weight, only to put all the weight back on as the subconscious beliefs kick in that it’s all too difficult.

In hypnosis, we are able to bypass something known  as the ‘conscious critical faculty’.  The conscious critical faculty is a bit like the gateway to your subconscious mind.  By entering a certain state of mind achieved with hypnosis we are able to bypass the critical faculty, locate the erroneous belief and replace it with a new, positive belief that will help you achieve your goal.  This could be for example that, losing weight is difficult, or perhaps to stopping smoking is hard.  Once rewired, many clients find it incredibly easy to achieve such goals.

When the subconscious mind is engaged, any changes that come with the new belief system are permanent

Another good example is in sport.  For anyone who plays sport competitively, they will instantly recognise what it is to hit a purple patch where they feel supremely confident and before they even hit the ball they just know it’s going to be a great shot.  Suddenly however, your mood changes along with the belief that you will play well and sure enough suddenly you are playing like a wombat! (No disrespect to wombats intended).  This is another reason why many top professional sports men and women around the world regularly use hypnosis to visualise themselves playing a great shot or running the perfect race, because once these positive thoughts become part of your belief system performance can be positively transformed.

Perhaps today will be the day you decide to start transforming your negative beliefs into positive ones and successfully achieve goals you never believed possible. It truly is all about mind over matter, so just ask yourself; Do you mind? and does it matter?

Call Dee on 07903 456237 or go HERE for further help in shifting the power from those erroneous beliefs!

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Seeing the Truth?

What is the Truth? Do you know? Well when considering these questions it comes to me that the truth is actually only what we individually perceive it to be.  How many times have you believed you saw something and then realised that you made a mistake? Yet up to that point, you convinced yourself it was real, you convinced yourself that you were right! It was true!

When you experience an event like this you have simply experienced a scotoma or ‘blind spot’.  Every single one of us has them, but the problem is we don’t even know we have them.  These blind spots come from how we have been conditioned to ‘see’ ourselves, others and the world.  Consequently, once we are conditioned we develop a set of beliefs, and these are built by the way we think.  We build up beliefs about many things.  Beliefs about the type of person we are, what we are capable of, whether we are loveable, deserving, how the world works, the need to be perfect, where we fit in, the type of job or career that fits us, how others are, to name a few.  All of your beliefs have come from ‘received wisdom’ from others who have their own scotomas/blind spots too.  When we are young we listen to people that we believe ‘knows’ stuff, as if they have the magical formula for life, for being happy, for doing the right thing.

We believe that they are wise and knowledgeable and that we need their magic touch, like a wizard who touches us with his magic wand and makes everything right.  Yet, we have not realised the blind spots of the negative wizard/s that we may have been listening to much of our lives.  If you are wanting to break free of negative thinking and beliefs that hold you back you need to notice who are the negative wizards in your life.  These people take away our hope, our courage and our heart.  They maybe friends, family, neighbours who tell you the ‘truth as they know it’ about you.  Begin to understand that you have enormous potential to offer the world, and you will get closer to achieving your potential  when you unlock yourself from your own conditioning and beliefs.  How do you do that? Go Here: and release yourself from your negative patterns and learn to create magically and effortlessly.  Have a great day folks!!

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Emotions and Cancer Risk

You may have seen the Cancer awareness advert on T.V. highlighting the odds of various things happening in our lives compared to getting cancer the risks are small.

Ive done some of my own research based on some of the most common client PHOBIAS we are presented with at Reachout Therapy:
1) Fear of Flying – Chances of being in a plane accident = 1 in 25 million
2) Fear of Snakes – Chances of getting bitten = 1 in 3 million
3) Fear of spiders – Chances of getting bitten = 1 in 4 million

Phew! Hopefully a few of us will sleep a little easier as those are pretty attractive odds. Maybe instead, we should be a little more concerned about how we can reduce the odds of getting Britains two biggest killers: Heart Disease and Cancer
1st the bad news:
1) Heart disease – Chances of dying from Heart disease = 1 in 4
2) Cancer – Chances of contracting = 1 in 3 and 1 in 4.7 of dying from it.

HOWEVER the good news is you can GREATLY reduce these odds by taking a few important steps now……- PLEASE READ ON….it could save your life:

Some of the main causes for both Heart disease and Cancer:
1) Smoking
2) Weight gain
3) Stress and anxiety
Others include excessive alcohol intake, excessive sun exposure etc.

At Reachout Therapy, we have outstanding success rates at assisiting people to Quit Smoking http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/pg/conditions/smoking-cessation
Lose Weight http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/pg/conditions/weight-management
Reduce Stress http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/pg/therapies/stress-management
Act now and change your future for the better :-))

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Pain Management Group

Is Chronic Pain a constant in your day?  Would you like to take control of your life and your body? Our Pain Management group starts 28th of November in the Therapy Rooms at ‘Food for Thought,  Astley Road, Seaton Delaval.  Please contact me if you wish to book your place 10 places max! Come along and learn some new and different ways that you can regain your life free from Chronic pain using time honoured strategies and NO Drugs!

Go Here to find out more: Pain Group

See you there!!

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Understanding pain!

The function of Pain.

Pain should always be taken seriously and not dismissed as being ‘imagined’.  Pain is the signal that something in your body needs attention.  It is your call to action. Once you have had medical attention for any pain you experience and it has been fully investigated you may find that Hypnosis and the strategies we use, to be a powerful way to manage pain.

Acute and Chronic Pain.

In general there are two types of pain. Acute pain is the type of pain you experience when you hit your thumb with a hammer or stub your toe.  You know it is extreme at the time but the pain will end.  Chronic pain is long term, even long after the injury has happened, it is where there appears to be no sign of it ending.

No Pain till it reaches the Brain!

Hypnotic suggestions are given to increase blood flow to the affected areas of the body to help release the body’s own natural pain relieving chemicals (endorphins). These endorphins are taken via the blood stream to reduce or eliminate the pain in the affected area. This is only one of a number of techniques you will learn to master.  You will be asked to visualise during the process and post hypnotic suggestions are also used to allow the power of your mind to heal your body.

These techniques are now being used in cancer care treatment. Hypnotherapists also use these and other more powerful techniques to eliminate pain during surgery. Some people are unable to undergo the usual method of anaesthesia and many surgical procedures have been undertaken using hypnosis as an alternative to both general and local anaesthetics.

There are many examples of surgeons from James Esdaile (1845) to Jack Gibson at the turn of the century, who have successfully used Hypnosis during surgery.  It is safe to say that if people can be taught to use hypnosis during surgery, you can be shown how to use the same methods to help relieve and eliminate your experience of Chronic pain in your every day life. CONTACT US: 07903 456237 You can also GO HERE: for further information on how we can help you!

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Relationships – What do you want?

The relationships we have with one another, can often create the most misunderstandings in our lives. When we misunderstand or incorrectly perceive anothers communications, we create tensions and distance, rather than recognising all the things we have in common.  Recognising the shared values and experiences, are key to creating real potential for growth and longevity.  In order to create effective relationships  we need to communicate with others according to their priorities and values. When you learn to do this, then you can apply this valuable skill to every other aspect of your life, be it your business, your family and your most intimate personal life. 

Many of us have been in love with someone past that initial romantic period, the ‘in love’ phase. Once this ‘in love’ phase wears off,  you recognise that relationships don’t make you happy, joyous or any other of the words used to give us the image of happy ever after, from the fairy tales we were told as children. Instead, what we actually get is, the realisation that sometimes you perceive yourself to be feeling better on some days than others. This is exactly the same as when you’re living on your own. Many people living on their own or in relationships that they perceive as ‘unsatisfying’ imagine their life with the so-called picture perfect children, adoring lover, mutually responsive spouse, appreciative boss, eager employees, supportive parents, loyal friends etc., believing that they need all of that to function happily and contentedly in their life, and to complete them.  This is an illusion of the highest order.  What we need to do is to learn to appreciate each one of the people already in our lives, simply for what they bring to us. To take the time to get to know their values. Truly effective relationships happen when each person in that relationship  looks to fully understand and honour the other person just as they are – completely.

How do we do that? How do we connect and align one persons values to our own, so that we have a mutually respectful and fulfilling relationship?  It is really quite simple.  You observe them and notice, what they fill their time time and energy on, what they spend their money on, what are they persistent with, where are they most organised and  where is their discipline focussed? Ask what they dream of, notice what they talk about the most, and what they think.  Do they have goals? what are they?  Learn to do this in every relationship you have.

You will learn and discover when your values are not aligned to the other persons, when you find yourself in one-sided conversations. This happens when a person is speaking about what matters to them, while the other person is disengaged and thinking more about his or her own concerns. In a situation like this there are choices. If the relationship is important to you, either link your values, shift the conversation, or move on. These types of communications are almost a sure fire way for creating, disappointing or dissatisfying relationships.

It is important to remember that every single one of us will have defining moments, milestones that will alter and affect our values. Our priorities change, and certain situations and events can and do, trigger a reassessment of what is important to us.  At such times  it’s really important  that you both continue to talk about your values with each other. If not, then one or both of you will attempt to alter or change them to ‘your way of thinking/doing’  or you will be tempted to find someone new.

For help with your Relationships PLEASE CONTACT DEE ON 07903 456237 and you can get further information HERE:

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Pain Relief Tip 4

Reduce your Stress

Stress is a major cause of increased muscle tension. It stands to reason that this will have a direct effect on your pain levels. Tight muscles are painful.  So concentrating on reducing your stress, automatically has an effect of  reducing muscle tension and your pain. Stress, as i’m sure you are aware, saps your energy and reduces your ability to cope with the pain.

Fight and Flight.

This is the  stress response, and it produces adrenaline which prepares your body to deal with any perceived threat. Either you stay and fight or you run away from the danger.  The adrenaline is designed to be used when you take physical action. This response is an inbuilt genetic response designed to keep us safe and isn’t usually necessary in our modern daily lives. How often have you come across a Sabre Toothed Tiger on your way to work or the shops?!  Due to our modern lifestyles and socialisation the unrelieved stress that gnaws away at us during the day, and the build up of adrenaline,  often remains there, undispersed, causing all the unpleasant symptoms of stress including increased pain.

It is important to know yourself.  What are your known triggers for stress? They are different for everyone.

  • Cancelled appointments or being late for one.
  • Arguments with work colleagues or family issues
  • Children misbehaving.
  • Extra bills coming in or lack of money.
  • Your computer playing up.
  • Technology: From unsolicited sales calls, internet going down etc.
  • Becoming anxious, angry or depressed due to feeling out of control
  • Too many requests for your time.
  • Health issues and Pain flare-ups.

Some of the best ways to deal with stress are to STOP, BREATHE, and unhook from the thoughts that trigger the feelings. Speak to a friend, take some time out.  Its important to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and then recognise how you are feeling in that moment and say to yourself ‘it will pass’. Focus on what you can and are capable of, rather than on what you cannot do. These strategies and more are covered in our Pain Management Groups starting on the 10th October in Newcastle. Please go here. OR CALL DEE ON 07093 456237 To find out more and to book your place. Have a great day.



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Hypnotherapy and the Medical Profession

Hypnosis and the Medical Profession

It is now more widely recognised by the medical profession that Hypnosis has unique healing qualities and an ability to positively alter thought processes and behaviours.  There is now a large body of research and evidence that when used by a fully qualified and competent therapist, Hypnotherapy successfully  helps more and more people gain relief from pain and IBS.  Indeed, hypnosis has been used from its earliest days during surgery as the sole Anaesthesia where painkilling drugs and other forms of anaesthesia were unavailable or inappropriate.   Pain Management, and IBS symptoms, respond extremely well to hypnotic processes.  It is now even possible with the aid of modern devices such as an MRI scanner, to monitor the brains activities, whilst hypnosis is being carried out and such scientific research has increasingly been able to prove for the first time that hypnosis really works.  It is a ‘UNIQUE’ tool, that in our opinion has to be experienced to fully appreciate the amazing results it can potentially deliver.

Combining Psychotherapy with Hypnosis

During Hypnotherapy sessions you will discuss the thought processes that keep you locked into the issues you present with. This is done using various forms of psychotherapy. Using Psychotherapy alone, often takes long periods of time to bring about required changes.  However, combining it with hypnosis  to bypass the minds natural resistance, makes it easier for the mind to take on board necessary changes, quickly and effectively.  You can find out more about how Hypnotherapy can help you by going to the following link:



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