Hypnotherapy and the Medical Profession

Hypnosis and the Medical Profession

It is now more widely recognised by the medical profession that Hypnosis has unique healing qualities and an ability to positively alter thought processes and behaviours.  There is now a large body of research and evidence that when used by a fully qualified and competent therapist, Hypnotherapy successfully  helps more and more people gain relief from pain and IBS.  Indeed, hypnosis has been used from its earliest days during surgery as the sole Anaesthesia where painkilling drugs and other forms of anaesthesia were unavailable or inappropriate.   Pain Management, and IBS symptoms, respond extremely well to hypnotic processes.  It is now even possible with the aid of modern devices such as an MRI scanner, to monitor the brains activities, whilst hypnosis is being carried out and such scientific research has increasingly been able to prove for the first time that hypnosis really works.  It is a ‘UNIQUE’ tool, that in our opinion has to be experienced to fully appreciate the amazing results it can potentially deliver.

Combining Psychotherapy with Hypnosis

During Hypnotherapy sessions you will discuss the thought processes that keep you locked into the issues you present with. This is done using various forms of psychotherapy. Using Psychotherapy alone, often takes long periods of time to bring about required changes.  However, combining it with hypnosis  to bypass the minds natural resistance, makes it easier for the mind to take on board necessary changes, quickly and effectively.  You can find out more about how Hypnotherapy can help you by going to the following link:



Creating your Perfect Day

Good Morning!!!!!! 🙂 How do you usually start your day? Wake up bleary eyed, growl at the rain and expect to be held up in traffic on the way to work? Maybe you don’t go to work and you think its gonna be another humdrum bog standard day? A great way to lead you into an extraordinary day is to recognise you are a leader and creator of your life.

Try this: Start every day with the words “I am”….. whatever you say next will transform your day into either a negative or a positive outcome. Words have tremendous energy make sure the words you use to define yourself are positive and inspiring, you will be amazed on the effect it has on your life. Create a beautiful day guys!

Pain Relief Tip 3 Relaxation

Welcome to your next Tip for Pain Relief.  One of the best ways to help reduce feelings of pain is to ensure that you find time to RELAX.  It’s a fact that when we are stressed or anxious it has a very real tangible effect on our body.  Our muscles tense up and all that tension creates further stress and pain.  The more you can practice regular relaxation and incorporate it into your day the less pain and discomfort you will experience.

There are several things you can do to help relax your body and one of the first things is to Slow down and take one thing at a time rather than attempting to do several things at once. You can practice several things that help you to build relaxation into your day.

Notice if you are clenching any part of your body. This is most noticeable in the Jaw and shoulders. Begin by relaxing the jaw by making sure your teeth are not together when your mouth is closed. Make sure to drop your shoulders,  when standing and moving around, this also has the added effect of making you stand erect in the most comfortable position.

Deep breathing is another way to relax. So whenever you get a moment make a conscious decision to breathe deeply and allow the breath to go deep into the abdomen. Taking long slow breaths.  Finally taking 10 -20 mins out of your day to sit or lie down and relax with your eyes closed is a wonderful way to stimulate your endorphins, the bodies own natural pain relieving chemicals.

You can learn how to incorporate relaxation, meditation and other pain relieving techniques at our regular Pain Management Groups.

Go Here:   to find out more and begin to take control of your life once more. OR CALL DEE 07903456237

Pain Relief Tip 2 Breathing

What is it that you do every single day without even thinking? Hmmmm, many of you will think of several things.  Well let me put it another way.  What ESSENTIAL thing do you do every single day?  the answer is: We breathe.  Yes we Breathe and yet most of us do not use our breath in a way that will help us.  We breathe every second of the day yet many of us breathe far too shallowly. We hardly ever use the huge capacity of our lungs.  Shallow breathing, that is, breathing  into the top of your chest only, means your brain becomes starved of oxygen. This results, in an increase in your pain levels. Additional problems can be feeling tense and maybe increased risk of  headache or other symptoms.

When you practice deeper breathing you will gain numerous positive effects.

  • It helps your muscles relax.
  • All the cells of your body will be fed with oxygen and regenerated .
  • It increases and encourages the production of endorphins – your body’s own feel good hormones.
  • Deep breathing has a calming effect on your mind.
  • Most important of all – it’s the key to relieving your pain.
  • To get the benefit from your breath, take Breath Breaks, throughout the day. It takes only a few minutes and is  especially beneficial if you’re sitting at a computer or screen for any length of time.
  • It’s important not to force your breath, simply take gentle, normal breaths that go deep  into your abdomen.
  • A helpful addition is to say to yourself, as  you breathe out: “Relax…” or “Calm”
  • Really allow yourself to feel your body relaxing and letting go of any stress, any tension and any pain sensations. At our Pain Management groups you will be shown how to  use your breath as a means of relieving your pain, how to take your attention to the place of discomfort and to very gently breathe out through that place. Use your breath it is always there to help you.!
Our pain management groups will help you to fully learn and practice this and other pain control strategies. Go Here: CALL DEE 07903456237 to book your place and find out more


Pain Relief Tip 1 Pacing

How are you this morning? Is it a good one? Are you focussing on how you are going to get through the day, and if that Chronic Pain will overwhelm you once again?  Todays Tip will help you to manage your discomfort and get you through the day in an easier way.

Imagine that you are stood in front of a mountain and you have to climb it to get to the other side. As you look at its height it feels like a huge undertaking! Now just imagine that you are looking down at your feet, and you focus on each  small step.  You forget the mountain you are just aware of your feet as you put one foot in front of the other. You can stop, you can rest, you can alter your body position, you can plan how long you will walk and how long you will rest.  So you’re first Tip of the week is: PACING.

Pacing: is about creating a balance between doing too much and making the pain worse and doing too little and being totally inactive.  When you Pace yourself correctly throughout the day you recognise when its time to stop before the pain rises and therefore remain in control.

Spread out your tasks into smaller chunks.  Recognise when it is your time to stop and rest. You will know your own body so take the time to notice this.  Time your activity and then break it down so that you get it done without increasing the pain. Before you know it you will have reached the top of that mountain without any effort at all! Have a great day!

You can learn more about Pacing and other helpful ways to reduce and eliminate your pain by attending our Friendly small group sessions. Go Here. OR CALL DEE 07903 456237 for more information and to book your place.


Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog!  As Autumn begins i find its a good time to reflect on the Summer we have just left behind.  What a summer it was, or wasn’t, depending on your point of view!   I won’t be alone in recognising it was a bit of a washout as far as our weather was concerned.  Yet it was also memorable for the amazing spectacle that was the Olympics and Paralympics, which lifted the nation out of the doom and gloom of the recession.

If you are like me you will be looking forward to the Autumn, to the change in season, the beautiful colours of nature that gladen my heart and lift my mood.  However, some people find that the colder, darker, damp days contribute to their low mood and can increase physical pain symptoms.  There is so much that you can do to help yourself feel better and i would like to share some tips with you to help you through this Autumn and coming Winter, so it is a more comfortable one for you.  I will be posting a daily tip from this blog to help you.  Please feel free to comment and to add your own tips that others may find  helpful.

Its at this time of year that we tend to hibernate and stay indoors as the nights draw in, yet you can find so many benefits from joining a group to help pass those longer nights in a fun and supportive environment.  Maybe you would be interested in what we have to offer in the way of Pain Management and our fun and enjoyable group, that is due to start in October.  You can find out more here.  I look forward to your comments and sharing with you as the months progress. See you soon!