Hypnotherapy CPD course

A Fantastic Opportunity to gain further skills to your therapy practice with these 3 superb Online training courses.! 

Course 1

Pain Management  – What you will get:

You will be qualified to offer Chronic Pain Management therapy to your clients/patients!

Skills to teach a range of practical and psychological approaches which can be used as appropriate to the individual client and their pain experience. These approaches can be incorporated within a clients overall pain control / management to help them feel more comfortable and to address all associated emotional and psychological issues.

You will gain the skills to help the client feel more in control of their life.  Confidence to approach this issue with the knowledge of how the brain registers pain.  You will be able to pass this onto your clients/patients to instill belief and confidence that they can use the strategies effectively and once again feel a level of participation in their own health and wellbeing.

At the end of this training you will be able to talk about and inform your clients of:

Pain facts and figures

Our expectations of pain and how the brain and body experiences pain.

The resources to teach clients how to manage their levels of comfort effectively.

The mind and body connection to pain.

Emotional component to pain.


  • hypnosis techniques 
  • innovative client confidence building techniques
  • Add value to your therapy sessions
  • Easy to follow online training.
  • Full transcripts of all hypnosis scripts and meditations
  • Bonus supervision
  •  MP3 recordings
  • Audio Introductions to relevant sections
  • Ebook: Subconscious Medicine – ‘Your journey away from pain’

1 Supervision session per month for the first 3months following the course to assist with individual client’patient issues and to help with marketing and advertising this therapy to potential clients.


Course 2

I.B.S. Hypnosis Training 

You will be qualified to offer IBS therapy to your clients/patients.

I.B.S. is a functional bowel disorder that has far reaching effects on individuals who experience varying degrees of symptoms.  Stress is a major factor in IBS and this is why this condition lends itself well to being treated using Hypnotherapy.  It is estimated around 25% of the population have IBS.  This is only a rough estimate as many people will not admit to this due to the embarrassment factor.  As a Hypnotherapist, CBT, or health practitioner, you will be trained in the skills necessary to help many people to overcome this condition.


What you will get:

  • Indepth knowledge of IBS
  • Relevant dietary advice for clients
  • proven strategies used by renowned gastroenterologists 
  • 2 days intensive interactive training
  • Scripted suggestions and MP3’s
  • Bonus supervision
  • Video introduction to relevevant parts of the course.

You will gain the knowledge and confidence to deliver a comprehensive approach to your clients/patients on how their body works.  How hypnotherapy is  now considered by (NICE) as the best treatment for this debilitating condition.  You will be given information on various dietary and nutritional approaches.

After the training you will be able to offer your clients proven strategies to reduce and often eliminate IBS symptoms.  You will be able to offer them deeper insights in how negative self talk and thinking, adds to the symptoms and how they can think more calmly to reduce tension within the body, and to finally find relief and a return to normal gut functioning.

A 2 day intensive training with one of the most experienced IBS Therapists in the country.  You will also receive everything you need to carry out successful IBS Hypnotherapy treatment plan to your clients with, 6 x scripted suggestions and MP3 recordings.

You will also receive 1 supervision session per month for the first 3 months to help advertise and market this therapy to potential clients and to assist you with any client issues you may have.

Course date: To Be Confirmed

Course 3

Past Life Regression Training

Carl Jung felt that past life recall comes about when a persons subconscious explores the universal memory bank, which he referred to as ‘Collective Unconscious’.  He felt that this produced ancestral memories that reflect the persons’ own problems today.

Regressing and guiding someone to re-experience these memories, enables them to work their way through them, with new understanding.  Release of negative associations held in exchange with positive beliefs instead, then becomes possible.  This can bring about an immmense sense of relief and positive change to most individuals lives. Many people choose past life regression purely out of curiosity to give them an understanding of certain things in their life. Others come to see if it holds answers to specific health or emotional issues. By recalling these events and gently exploring situations it can help to give you increased awareness and self knowledge.


What you will get:

  •  Online study 
  • PDF Booklet with Scripted suggestions and strategies to enter deep hypnosis
  • Bonus supervision
  • MP3 recordings

This Intensive Online Training will give you, the therapist, knowledge of the theories around past life regression, around cell memory and ancestral memory.  Skills of how to help clients enter a deep state of relaxation to access a number of past lives.  The skills to manage any abreaction that may occur and the skills to re-orient the client into the here and now completely and safely.

You will also receive:

All scripted suggestions and MP3 recordings.

1 supervision session per month for the first 3 months following the training to help advertise and market this therapy to potential clients and assist with any client issues you may have.

Course date: To Be Confirmed


  • Chronic Pain Management
  • IBS Therapy
  • Past Life Regression



  • 9 supervision sessions       
  • Transcripts
  • Workbooks
  • MP3’s >>  6 x IBS, 1 x Past life, 8 x Chronic Pain Management

Your very own Memory Stick with all of the above

  • PLUS CPD certification
  • Total Value

Total Package Price ONLY: 

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NOTE: There is a basic requisite that you have an understanding of  psychological processes/currently work with people who experience IBS and/or chronic pain.


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