What State are you in?

Quite often when we are feeling under the weather, when our body doesn’t respond the way we would like its very easy for us to use that as the reason we are ‘down’.  We quite often believe that if we were physically well then we would be able to create the life that we want to live, and yet its our mindset that we need to alter in order for our body to respond to that.

You will have had, many times, when you felt that you were on a roll and nothing could stop you!  At times like these, you may notice that your body worked better too.  You feel GREAT!  I’m sure there are other times too that you have felt whatever you touched went wrong, and every step you took led you down a blind alley! Yes?  At times like these you probably also noticed a tension in your neck and shoulders, or a headache, maybe your gut began ‘playing up’ or the Chronic pain felt worse on those days.

This happens because of the internal talk and representations we hold.  What and how you visualise, and what and how you talk to yourself about the situation or event will create very different states.

When you are angry at someone then this will translate into your physiology, your body posture changes, your muscles respond by tightening up, and a set of behaviours are then played out. You might slam a door, punch something, etc.

All of this physical tension will tend to magnify your negative feelings.  When you are feeling vibrant and alive you see the world differently, you are filled with optimism confidence etc.

The key is to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want.  When you focus on the things you don’t want and all the possible problems, you put yourself in the state that will give you all the very things you are trying to avoid.  Focus on the reality you want and your state will change, it will support all the things you want and you will create the things you dream of.  Your body will be calm and at ease and those niggling aches and pains, those IBS symptoms will be gone.  Change your state, Focus on what you want you will be surprised by the results!  What do you make of that?

Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog!  As Autumn begins i find its a good time to reflect on the Summer we have just left behind.  What a summer it was, or wasn’t, depending on your point of view!   I won’t be alone in recognising it was a bit of a washout as far as our weather was concerned.  Yet it was also memorable for the amazing spectacle that was the Olympics and Paralympics, which lifted the nation out of the doom and gloom of the recession.

If you are like me you will be looking forward to the Autumn, to the change in season, the beautiful colours of nature that gladen my heart and lift my mood.  However, some people find that the colder, darker, damp days contribute to their low mood and can increase physical pain symptoms.  There is so much that you can do to help yourself feel better and i would like to share some tips with you to help you through this Autumn and coming Winter, so it is a more comfortable one for you.  I will be posting a daily tip from this blog to help you.  Please feel free to comment and to add your own tips that others may find  helpful.

Its at this time of year that we tend to hibernate and stay indoors as the nights draw in, yet you can find so many benefits from joining a group to help pass those longer nights in a fun and supportive environment.  Maybe you would be interested in what we have to offer in the way of Pain Management and our fun and enjoyable group, that is due to start in October.  You can find out more here.  I look forward to your comments and sharing with you as the months progress. See you soon!