Childrens Issues

Childhood Trauma

Many children have worries about things that they hear, see, or experience. Quite often these worries are there because they cannot make sense of things and then they can ‘make up’ reasons to try and rationalise what is going on.  Very often these rationalisations are wrong, which then continue the cycle of worry. Many children do not confide in parents, especially if the worry is about the parent/s or family situation.  Childrens Issues can be can concerns about school, moving house, friends, family, health and fitting in.  Childhood Trauma can involve anything from witnessing an accident, to being involved in an adult dispute, and any other such event. Hypnotherapy is extremely useful and quick way to help children come to a better understanding of what is happening in their world.

Children’s therapy is always carried out with the involvement of the family, as quite often the family dynamic and the often intended ‘helpful’ strategies adopted by parents and carers can unintentionally add to the childs perceived problem.

If you are an adult with issues that you have unresolved from your childhood then we can also help YOU! So many issues presented to therapists have their source in Significant Emotional Experiences which took place early in life and quite often the therapy process concerns healing the wounds of childhood.

Most people, in my experience, are imbalanced in some way as a result of significant emotional experiences in childhood (perhaps as many as 96% of us). It appears that only a few people have been fortunate enough to enjoy a truly functional childhood.

Family dynamics can often be dysfunctional, in some cases abusive, and the hurts that result from this can often disturb our adult lives.  Persistent problems such as addiction, depression, troubled relationships, physical illness, anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, lack of confidence, eating problems, etc to name just a few, can all connect back to childhood and adolescent factors.

Hypnotherapy and TFT offer a chance to heal childhood wounds, neutralise negative emotions and transform your life, bringing a sense of balance inside you and perhaps also a sense of joy in life.


Recognise some of these issues?  Ready to do something about it?  Having the courage to take action is the 1st and most important step to improving your life and having the life you deserve.

We are all individuals.  At Reachout Therapy, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised therapy for each client, to ensure maximum benefit is obtained from each session.  If you would like to book sessions then CALL NOW for your FREE initial Telephone consultation: 07903 456237




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