Emotions and Cancer Risk

You may have seen the Cancer awareness advert on T.V. highlighting the odds of various things happening in our lives compared to getting cancer the risks are small.

Ive done some of my own research based on some of the most common client PHOBIAS we are presented with at Reachout Therapy:
1) Fear of Flying – Chances of being in a plane accident = 1 in 25 million
2) Fear of Snakes – Chances of getting bitten = 1 in 3 million
3) Fear of spiders – Chances of getting bitten = 1 in 4 million

Phew! Hopefully a few of us will sleep a little easier as those are pretty attractive odds. Maybe instead, we should be a little more concerned about how we can reduce the odds of getting Britains two biggest killers: Heart Disease and Cancer
1st the bad news:
1) Heart disease – Chances of dying from Heart disease = 1 in 4
2) Cancer – Chances of contracting = 1 in 3 and 1 in 4.7 of dying from it.

HOWEVER the good news is you can GREATLY reduce these odds by taking a few important steps now……- PLEASE READ ON….it could save your life:

Some of the main causes for both Heart disease and Cancer:
1) Smoking
2) Weight gain
3) Stress and anxiety
Others include excessive alcohol intake, excessive sun exposure etc.

At Reachout Therapy, we have outstanding success rates at assisiting people to Quit Smoking http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/pg/conditions/smoking-cessation
Lose Weight http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/pg/conditions/weight-management
Reduce Stress http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/pg/therapies/stress-management
Act now and change your future for the better :-))

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