Hypnotherapy and the Medical Profession

Hypnosis and the Medical Profession

It is now more widely recognised by the medical profession that Hypnosis has unique healing qualities and an ability to positively alter thought processes and behaviours.  There is now a large body of research and evidence that when used by a fully qualified and competent therapist, Hypnotherapy successfully  helps more and more people gain relief from pain and IBS.  Indeed, hypnosis has been used from its earliest days during surgery as the sole Anaesthesia where painkilling drugs and other forms of anaesthesia were unavailable or inappropriate.   Pain Management, and IBS symptoms, respond extremely well to hypnotic processes.  It is now even possible with the aid of modern devices such as an MRI scanner, to monitor the brains activities, whilst hypnosis is being carried out and such scientific research has increasingly been able to prove for the first time that hypnosis really works.  It is a ‘UNIQUE’ tool, that in our opinion has to be experienced to fully appreciate the amazing results it can potentially deliver.

Combining Psychotherapy with Hypnosis

During Hypnotherapy sessions you will discuss the thought processes that keep you locked into the issues you present with. This is done using various forms of psychotherapy. Using Psychotherapy alone, often takes long periods of time to bring about required changes.  However, combining it with hypnosis  to bypass the minds natural resistance, makes it easier for the mind to take on board necessary changes, quickly and effectively.  You can find out more about how Hypnotherapy can help you by going to the following link:



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