Our relationships and communication with  others, especially our most significant relationships contribute to the quality of our life.  problems can sometimes occur, however, and threaten to overwhelm us.  It is useful to speak to someone outside of the relationship in order to help untangle  our own feelings and learn skills which will help you cope with future difficulties in a constructive way.



Every stage of our lives bring challenges.  The life changes that occur within marriage or live-in relationships are normal. Thinks like, having children, moving house, job changes retirement etc.  some of these are planned expected changes, others are unplanned and unexpected.

Getting help from a qualified therapist trained in relationship issues, can help you think about the cornerstones on which you have built your relationship, and how these are fostered and maintained over time.  In order to build a strong relationship it is crucial to develop the ability to communicate and negotiate, to manage conflict as well as having a good level of sexual and physical intimacy.


relationship happy

The ability of each partner to put the other first, and willingness to see things from the other’s perspective, even when you do not agree with them. To enjoy each others company.  All of these are the qualities that cement a relationship, and are the very issues that a therapist can help you develop.

it is never too late to learn and to brighten your relationship Reachout Therapy will help you do just that! CALL NOW: 07903 456237 TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT and for further information about other things we can help you with go HERE: 



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