Seeing the Truth?

What is the Truth? Do you know? Well when considering these questions it comes to me that the truth is actually only what we individually perceive it to be.  How many times have you believed you saw something and then realised that you made a mistake? Yet up to that point, you convinced yourself it was real, you convinced yourself that you were right! It was true!

When you experience an event like this you have simply experienced a scotoma or ‘blind spot’.  Every single one of us has them, but the problem is we don’t even know we have them.  These blind spots come from how we have been conditioned to ‘see’ ourselves, others and the world.  Consequently, once we are conditioned we develop a set of beliefs, and these are built by the way we think.  We build up beliefs about many things.  Beliefs about the type of person we are, what we are capable of, whether we are loveable, deserving, how the world works, the need to be perfect, where we fit in, the type of job or career that fits us, how others are, to name a few.  All of your beliefs have come from ‘received wisdom’ from others who have their own scotomas/blind spots too.  When we are young we listen to people that we believe ‘knows’ stuff, as if they have the magical formula for life, for being happy, for doing the right thing.

We believe that they are wise and knowledgeable and that we need their magic touch, like a wizard who touches us with his magic wand and makes everything right.  Yet, we have not realised the blind spots of the negative wizard/s that we may have been listening to much of our lives.  If you are wanting to break free of negative thinking and beliefs that hold you back you need to notice who are the negative wizards in your life.  These people take away our hope, our courage and our heart.  They maybe friends, family, neighbours who tell you the ‘truth as they know it’ about you.  Begin to understand that you have enormous potential to offer the world, and you will get closer to achieving your potential  when you unlock yourself from your own conditioning and beliefs.  How do you do that? Go Here: and release yourself from your negative patterns and learn to create magically and effortlessly.  Have a great day folks!!

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