Stop Smoking – The Hypnosis way!

Natalie Solomons, presenter of the Southend and Essex morning show on 105.1 FM was trying to stop smoking, cut down on the amount of mayonaise she ate and wanted to improve her diet.

Rob rang her to offer his services, which Natalie decided to take him up on.  She visited Rob’s consultancy and following a 2 and a half hour session was amazed with the results.  She invited Rob to do an interview with Dom and herself to discuss how she was getting on a week later.

Natalie, 31, said she had smoked from the age of 14 and had been smoking 30 cigarettes a year until about a year ago.  She advised she had tried all sorts of methods to quit, including nicotine patches, but not only had it not worked for her, but up until her hypnotherapy session she’d been smoking 40 a day! Go Here: to see how we can help you stop smoking for good!! OR CALL DEE: 07903 456237 or ROB 07747 870443

Natalie, who openly admitted she didn’t think she could stop or reduce the amount she smoked, was absolutely amazed that she was now only smoking 5 cigarettes a day and wasn’t even enjoying the few that she still smoked.  She was confident that with the FREE aftercare pack Reachout Therapy had supplied her with and the FREE personalised cd, she would stop smoking altogether, which she could not previously have imagined, especially after trying everything else to no avail.

Dom asked Natalie if Rob had been able to make any positive changes to the other habits she had wanted to change too.  Natalie said she was so pleased with herself, because following therapy, she had not touched ‘any’ mayonnaise and no longer had a desire too, but that was only just the beginning.  She said she now had a craving for healthy foods and rather than making cooking a chore, she was now really enjoying spending more time cooking, even with her busy schedule and has started enjoying healthy meals, she said it had made a huge difference to her life.  She also said the experience with Rob had been a real inspiration for her to make positive changes in her life.

Dee, also runs the quit smoking seminars with Rob and enjoys similar success rates with her quit smoking clients in Newcastle using the same Quit Smoking Programme.

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