Prosperity Consciousness

Exploring Spiritual Prosperity

Have you ever wondered why your hard work seems to generate only meagre results in the form of prosperity and abundance?

Have you ever looked at others with wealth and wondered how they manage to create that and you dont?

Have you given up a conventional JOB to work holistically and don’t understand why it isn’t working financially for you?

Are you an ‘Over giver’ and believe it’s not right to receive?

Do you simply ‘not care about money’ but are still struggling with your finances?

Are you OK with money but find you are over stressed, have ill health and feel over worked?

Do you want to just generally want to feel happier, or you want more from life yet still don’t know what that is?

Are you wealthy but feel tied up or controlled and live in fear in spite of, or because of your wealth?

If you can identify with one of the above questions then this course is most definitely for you!!

This course is an ongoing Subscription course where you can begin and end at any time. There will be a webinar or soundbites every month with exercises, meditations and visualisations to help you to address your own attitudes, fears and doubts around Prosperity and Abundance!

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If you are a Lifestyle coach, therapist or complementary practitioner, and wish to offer more to your clients you can attend the Teacher Training Course and over 4 days we will be looking at our wounds and the subtle almost hidden agreements we have made with ourselves and our ‘highest good’. We will be addressing our own negative limiting beliefs and where we learned these from and how we continue to maintain these beliefs and therefore create the reality that we are living in. You will be given information and strategies that can alter yours and your clients current vibration and move from a poverty consciousness, into a prosperity consciousness.

This workshop includes one day of Spiritual Marketing and enables you to teach this to other coaches, therapists, and complementary practitioners.

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