Is your belief system stopping you from achieving your full potential?

The most effective way to lose weight, is 'move more and eat less'. However, most people that ever got into the habit of 'moving less and eating more', will tell you how hard it is to change these bad habits.  It's that false belief, that actually makes it harder to change.  A self fulfilling prophecy if you like.  Our belief system defeats us before we even start the process of change, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Let me explain. Imagine the human brain to be a massive filing cabinet. When we are born, apart from out instinctive knowledge, it is full of empty files, but then gradually as we go through life these files are filled with information about the world we live in, and these files, in turn become our 'belief system'. Much of what we learn comes from our own experiences, i.e. if I do 'this'..... 'that' happens. However one of the reasons why man is so successful is his ability to learn not just from his own experiences, but also from others. So for example, the chances are that, stored away in one of the countless files in your brain, is a file labelled....'DON'T EAT DEADLY NIGHTSHADE' will kill you (clue's in the name! However, did you experience it yourself to learn this? Well as you're still here, evidently not.  Important information is passed on down the line.  In actual fact more than half of what we fill our belief system with is what we have learned from others.

The problem is however, whilst we are programmed to take onboard information from others to survive, with all the valuable information we take on board, we also take on board a lot of erroneous stuff too. That information is also filed in our minds, unfortunately adding negative thoughts into our belief system.

Let me give you an example of how our subconscious minds can take on board information as 'truth' and yet....are 'not' fact:-

Glance at the following passage and tell me how many letter 'F's u see in the text:


Four right! Let's face it, it's not hard is it. If you said four you are telling the truth. If you had a million pounds how much of it would you wager that there are four F's in that passage? – probably all of it.  However, there are actually 6 F's! The subconscious will usually not register the 2x F's on the words 'OF', because to the subconscious, it is actually pronounced as 'OV' and therefore discounts them

So once the belief system takes something on board it finds it very hard to let go of that belief.

Some prime examples of this are speaking to others who have tried to lose weight. How many people do you know that actually say losing weight is 'EASY'? Yeah, thought so.....very few. Most say it is really hard to do.  Many will tell you, that even when they succeed in losing weight, they found it even harder to keep that weight off, RIGHT?

Similarly to the above example with the 4 'F's', they are telling you the truth....'their truth', which hopefully now you realise truth does not always equal fact.  They truly 'did' find it difficult. Why? Almost certainly, because others told them the same thing, 'IT WILL BE DIFFICULT'. So as we also learn by others experiences, another 'belief file' is filled with, 'losing weight WILL BE DIFFICULT'.

Once a thought becomes a part of your own subconscious belief system, it will actually ‘become’ difficult for that person to lose weight until that belief is pulled out by the grass roots and replaced with a positive belief that actually losing weight is going to be really EASY.  If you manage to do that ‘losing weight really WILL be easy’. 

This is where Hypnotherapy comes into a class of its own. 

Our conscious mind is pretty puny only being able to handle approximately 8 different thoughts at anyone time, so even though consciously you might appreciate the reality, i.e. I can lose weight easily, your subconscious mind (which is a power house and could run the whole of the BT telephone network at any moment in time) effortlessly prevails with it’s negative belief that it will be difficult to lose weight.  This is why so many people lose a few pounds as they make a supreme conscious effort to lose weight, only to put all the weight back on as the subconscious beliefs kick in that it’s all too difficult.

In hypnosis, we are able to bypass something known  as the 'conscious critical faculty’.  The conscious critical faculty is a bit like the gateway to your subconscious mind.  By entering a certain state of mind achieved with hypnosis we are able to bypass the critical faculty, locate the erroneous belief and replace it with a new, positive belief that will help you achieve your goal.  This could be for example that, losing weight is difficult, or perhaps to stopping smoking is hard.  Once rewired, many clients find it incredibly easy to achieve such goals. 

When the subconscious mind is engaged, any changes that come with the new belief system are therefore permanent

Another good example is in sport.  For anyone who plays sport competitively, they will instantly recognise what it is to hit a purple patch where they feel supremely confident and before they even hit the ball they just know it’s going to be a great shot.  Suddenly however, your mood changes along with the belief that you will play well and sure enough suddenly you are playing like a wombat! (No disrespect to wombats intended).  This is another reason why many top professional sports men and women around the world regularly use hypnosis to visualise themselves playing a great shot or running the perfect race, because once these positive thoughts become part of your belief system performance can be positively transformed. 

Perhaps today will be the day you decide to start transforming your negative beliefs into positive ones and successfully achieve goals you never believed possible. It truly is all about mind over matter, so just ask yourself, if you mind and does it matter?

At Reachout Therapy, Dee is a highly qualified professional therapist - able to assist you forming new positive beliefs that can help you get a lot more enjoyment from life.

Contact us today to arrange your completely free initial, no obligation consultation.  You can do it!

Hypno-Band Is Here!

When people decide to visit a hypnotherapist one of the common reasons is to lose weight. For many years hypnotherapists have been using various techniques to help people lose weight or manage their weight successfully.

There are many reasons why people become overweight. These reasons are quite often psychological  or emotional. We associate food with happiness, sadness, frustration and all manner of other emotions. Some people eat when they are stressed and some to find comfort or love. When questioned, many people say they eat to relieve boredom.  Non psychological reasons aside, the main reason why people are over-weight is simply eating too much and moving too little

The Hypno-Band system gives you the tools to change eating habits and live a healthier and happier lifestyle. As competent therapists, we at Reachout Psychotherapy and Hypnosis know that unless you are truly committed to changing eating behaviours you are unlikely to achieve your goal of losing weight.

In order to help you do this we use combined behaviour modification techniques and psychotherapy, to get to the reasons Why you eat, When you eat and Where you eat, together with the hypnotic gastric band procedures. Over a series of Four sessions you are taken through the process of having a gastric band fitted, using suggestion and visualisation only. Your mind is convinced that a gastric band is fitted and your stomach is smaller and therefore you can only eat small portions of food. This means you eat less, and by eating less often, you begin to lose weight, quickly and easily.

By using these cognitive behavioural techniques and hypnotherapy you will achieve your ideal weight, and stay there! Each session is approximately one hour in length and flexible to suit your needs and lifestyle. Although it can be done over a period of 8 days, many clients need sessions spaced over 4 weeks to enable the suggestions to take effect and for them to begin seeing their behaviour modifying techniques working for them before the hypnotic band is fitted.

The principle of hypnotic gastric band surgery is not new, and has been in use for some time, and is used only for those people with a diagnosis of being Clinically Obese. This means a BMI of 30 or above.

We now have available appointments for Hypno-Band weight control, please contact us and book your sessions now.


Do you believe in Past Lives and Reincarnation?

Do you ever get the feeling you've known someone all your life even when you've only just met them? Maybe you've had a 'de ja vue' moment, where you know you've been somewhere before, it's so uncanny and yet you definitely haven't ever been there before. Sounds familiar? Most people have so you're not alone.

There are countless documented cases of past life experiences , which are at the very least compelling and unexplained, but past life remains one of those subject matters, that is almost impossible to prove – even well documented cases that have checked out are usually dismissed as coincidence or circumstantial. Are they? What do you think?

If goes without saying that many make stuff up, sure most of us will admit to having told the odd 'yarn'. Indeed as a hypnotherapist, I've come across many clients whilst undertaking past life Regression (PLR) sessions, who were adamant they were kings, queens, Christopher Columbus, Cleopatra, you name it (!) and they couldn't all have been right! Therefore, these recollections are almost certainly all figments of their imagination, no matter how real they felt in their mind, a bit like a dream feels real at the time you are dreaming, but then when you wake up there's that realisation that it was 'just' a dream after all. Interestingly though, clients who come for past life regression, and get these false memories, often report positive changes in their general outlook. This is also borne out by other past life specialists.

It is thought that it works similarly to free association where, under hypnosis we are able to examine our issues more freely and in a 'past life regression' scenario, it has the added advantage of effectively dealing with your own issues under the guise of dealing with 'someone else's issues'. Subconsciously it's like when somebody says, 'I've got this friend...and they are having serious problems because...!' This can enable clients to achieve the desired results and move on just as smoothly as if they had received therapy based specifically on their own issues. Hazel Denning studied the results by eight Regression Therapists with nearly 1000 clients between 1985 and 1992. Results were measured just after the therapy, after six months, one year, two years and five years. Of the 450 clients who could still be tracked after 5 years; 24% reported the symptoms had completely gone, 23% reported considerable or dramatic improvement, 17% reported noticeable improvement and 36% reported no improvement. (TanDam, 1990). (Ref Past Life Regression Academy – PLRA)

My 1st experience undertaking PLR with a client was actually rather comical. The man explained his surroundings in great detail, and described a cave with murals on the walls with men trapping their quarry. A fire at the back of the cave and he also described very basic clothing which included fur skins and rudimentary moccasins, their weapons were of flint, etc, etc. He did a lot of grunting in the session and explained that their language was very basic. I admit feeling quite taken in by the fluidity of his visions and the detail he gave..finally I asked my client if he had a name, to which he replied ....'GEORGE'!!  - Swiftly moving on!

Ok stop check, so far are we saying then that PLR as a therapy is an excellent therapeutic tool, but actually PLR itself is all a figment of the imagination? Therapeutic yes, but whilst many 'do' appear to be just a figment of the imagination, I have also undertaken PLR sessions that really do appear to bare out the possibility of actual past life recollections. In some instances they have been able to provide names, places and dates which they are adamant they have not heard elsewhere before and some of these clients have since contacted me to feedback that much of the information they recalled then checked out – fascinating.

Attached is a Youtube Video that is extremely compelling and unexplained:

Is James Leininger reincarnation of Second World War fighter pilot?-9/1 Telegraph (UK), James Leininger, an 11-year-old American boy, could be the reincarnation of a Second World War fighter pilot, according to a new book.-- He is said to have lived before as Lt James Huston Jnr, who was shot down by the Japanese in 1945. A book about him, Soul Survivor, is a best-seller in the US and tells how he began to have dreams about the war as a two-year-old. His parents Bruce, 59, and Andrea, 47, were initially sceptical about the idea of reincarnation but have now traced the relatives of the dead pilot who were impressed by James's apparent memories of the war. Mrs Leininger told the Mirror: "In the throes of his nightmares you couldn't work out what he was saying. But two or three months in, I was walking down the hall and I heard him saying, 'Airplane crash, plane on fire, little man can't get out.' "It chilled me to my bone hearing this. "I asked him what happened to his plane and he said, 'It crashed on fire.' I asked how it crashed and he said the Japanese shot his plane." ...

Reincarnated! Our son is a World War II pilot come back to life-9/2 Daily Mail (UK), By Zoe Brennan-- It sounds totally beyond belief. But read the tantalising evidence from this boy's family and you may start to wonder...The agonised screams pierced the air. 'Plane on fire! Airplane crash.' In the dark, a two-year-old boy was just visible, writhing on his bed in the grip of horror. 'He was lying there on his back, kicking and clawing at the covers like he was trying to kick his way out of a coffin,' remembers the boy's father. 'I thought, this looks like The Exorcist. I half expected his head to spin around like that little girl in the movie. But then I heard what James was saying.' Over and over again, the tiny child screamed: 'Plane on fire! Little man can't get out.' ...

Editor's Review: I could not put this book down. I already knew quite a lot about the story so I was expecting it to be somewhat pedantic. Nothing could be further from the truth. I read it, off and on, in about 24 hours. The authors did a masterful job of unfolding the astonishing things that came out of little James Leininger's mouth. I even enjoyed the reluctant opening of consciouness of the parents, although the dad's strict interpretation of the Bible became somewhat exasperating. He was a trooper though, vowing to get to the bottom of this mystery. This is an important book because to prove reincarnation, the individual has to remember an embodiment that is not in the least bit famous. In other words, there is no way he could know about it. On the other hand, there has to be enough evidence of the past life so it can be tracked down. Enough facts and knowledge of the past life has to be revealed as well to show it's not a coincidence. All these conditions were met in this case. Another book that met these prerequisites is Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life which you can find on my Karma, Reincarnation and NDE page. Once one accepts the notion of reincarnation, the next question should be: Why do we reincarnate and how do we graduate? But for now, I recommend this book as a gift to anyone who needs an introduction to reincarnation.


You will have to draw your own conclusions, but one thing is for sure, whether you undertake a journey of self discovery to uncover actual past lives or undertake PLR as a form of therapy to resolve unwanted issues in your current life, PLR certainly can be viewed as a powerful tool of therapy.

At Reachout Therapy we are skilled in the use of PLR, if you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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