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Dee Twentyman - Newcastle - North of England

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Dee is a very successful Hypno-Psychotherapist who formed Reachout Therapy.  Dee works from Newcastle and covers the whole of the North of England.  She also runs a clinic from Jesmond Therapy Centre. Reach Out was formed to offer highly skilled and multidisciplined therapists to everyone no matter where in the country you live, due to our online therapy  as well as our individual face to face work with clients.

We also run invaluable workshops for individuals and organisations.

Dee Twentyman Bsc.hons, D.Hyp(Dis) MAPHP(Acc.) MNCP MNCH(Reg.)

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in the treatment of Pain Management and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I am the Author of Subconscious Medicine: Understanding the Mind-Body connection to pain. This book helps you to understand how our thinking, beliefs and opinions, contribute to the severity of pain we may have. Hypnosis and Mindfulness have long been effecitve in helping people to eliminate chronic pain.  My first therapy business, Euphoria Hypnotherapy, was set up after working in the Mental Health Profession for over 15 years, where I helped many people overcome emotional and psychological difficulties. I later qualified as a Psychotherapist and founded Reachout Therapy to specialise in the treatment of Pain.  I hold an honours degree in psychology and sociology and continue to train in the newest hypnosis techniques, attend further training in the Treatment of Pain and IBS, and train in other specialised aspects of hypnosis.  I am registered with respected professional bodies and follow a strict code of ethics.  Our practice is fully insured and I am listed on the NHS register of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.

Aside from my specialisms of IBS and Pain Control my training and client experience has allowed me to work successfully in several areas: Anxiety/Stress, and dealing with psychosexual issues that are hindering people's sex lives and potentially blocking fertility.

As IBS is quite often triggered by a person's response to stress I also offer hypnosis in stress management and confidence, coupled with Workshops in Stress Management.

As well as working privately I also offer workshops  in subjects such as Self Hypnosis and Pain and Weight Control. You can see more on our work and the other workshops we offer when you click on the Workshops link on this site.

My aim is to offer you a range of strategies that you can learn and adapt to remain emotionally healthy for the rest of your life.

You can contact me on 07903 456237 for a FREE no obligation chat about what i can do for YOU.

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