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Most agree that traditional face to face therapy is best.  You build up a therapeutic trusting relationship with your therapist far more quickly than you would via email for example.  However, now that Skype is available to many, therapy using this method is becoming more and more popular.  Its true to say that so much of our daily lives is now carried out online, and now therapy can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with some of the best therapists in the world.  

You may decide that your schedule  maybe so hectic that keeping the same appointment on a weekly basis would be impossible.  Maybe you just want to get some professional advice every now and then and are not looking for any weekly commitment.

Maybe the thought of calling a therapist, making an appointment, and/or going to his or her office terrifies you.

Maybe you live in another city or even another country but like the look of what we offer.       

You may have thought about therapy on several occasions but have not made the effort to seek help even though you know it would be for your benefit.

Maybe you are embarrassed about your particular difficulty and would prefer not to be face to face with someone while you discuss it.

All of these reasons are why Online Therapy is the most practical solution for some people.   

It offers Convenience:

  • You can have therapy or assessment right from your home during a time that is convenient for you.
  • Manage your sessions and payments easily.


Although there is a negative side to privacy, there are no concerns about being seen walking into a therapist's office, or bumping into a friend as you leave.  You can also interact with your therapist without having to take time off  work or make up excuses as to where you are going.  Contact us via email, telephone, or complete the questionnaire, and we will contact you for an informal chat. 

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