Past Life Regression

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One commonly held view is that of Carl Jung who felt that past life recall comes about when a persons subconscious explores the universal memory bank, which he referred to as 'Collective Unconscious'.  He felt that this produced ancestral memories that reflect the persons own problems today.

What are the benefits of Past Life Regression?(PLR)

Whether you believe in Past Life Regression or not, it is a commonly held psychotherapeutic view that there are many significant benefits to undergoing PLR therapy.  Let's assume for a moment that we 'have' undergone previous lives.  There are very few people that go through their lives without going through several traumatic experiences - ranging from death of loved ones, relationship issues, injury, illnesses, erroneous beliefs and phobias learned from others which have formed part of a negative belief system, creating difficulties in our lives by the way we respond to certain stimuli.

Regressing and guiding someone to re-experience these memories, enables them to work their way through them, with new understanding.  Release of negative associations held in exchange with positive beliefs instead, then becomes possible.  This can bring about an immmense sense of relief and positive change to most individuals lives.

If however, we assume its a metaphor then once again the individual is able to apply the message to their own lives currently and the understanding that comes from this provides therapeutic change to happen and a release from the difficulties that they were experiencing.

Equally, assuming for a moment that PLR is fiction, the psychotherapeutic benefits remain the same.  We know that all our thoughts are linked.  Therefore, if someone is troubled due to traumas that have been repressed in 'this life', they still need to be found, explored and released in order fo the person to overcome the psychological symptoms they are experiencing.  The hypnosis and PLR thechniques we use are an ideal setting in which to be able to uncover and deal with these issues in the psyche, allowing for healing to commence.

Many people choose past life regression purely out of curiosity to give them an understanding of certain things in their life. Others come to see if it holds answers to specific health or emotional issues. By recalling these events and gently exploring situations it can help to give you increased awareness and self knowledge. It can control or eliminate feelings of anxiety pain or guilt.. It can rid you of any negative aspects from the past and you can discover a greater understanding of your purpose in life.

Past life regression does not require any specific spiritual or religious belief. The only thing that is required is an open and inquisitive mind and a willingness to go deeply into hypnosis.

What exactly is a Past Life?

That's a question that has caused much debate for hundreds of years.  There have been many civilisations in other parts of the world, past and present, who have always believed in some form of reincarnation.  However, increasingly this is now becoming a more popular belief in Western civilisations as well.

We have all heard fascinating stories of people just like you and I that have used hypnosis to undergo Past Life Regression and provided indepth visions and recall of previous life experiences.  On many occasions, investigations were undertaken to check out dates, places and names of people mentioned.

In some instances there have been remarkable similarities to historical data found, where as in others the facts did not check out so accurately, so is it fact or fiction?  The simple truth is, there is no conclusive evidence to either prove or disprove the possibilities of past lives one way or the other.  This is similar to people's beliefs in'God'.  Some have absolute faith, others believe loosely in 'something' out there, whilst others remain sceptical or non believers.

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