Quit Smoking... the easy way.

  • Feeling tired for no reason?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Continuous cough's and chest infections?
  • Your spouse complains about the way you smell, especially to kiss you?
  • Feel like you have a hole in your wallet?
  • Your children and other family members worry you are digging yourself an early grave?

Sounds like you? Then chances are you 'are' a smoker.

If you are a smoker, please read on as it could save your life.

Understandably, most smokers don't like to dwell on what the habit is doing to their body and their health and what the prospects of continued smoking could mean to them and their families. You've all seen the adverts: accelerated heart disease and furring of the arteries; many variants of cancers, strokes, diabetes, emphysema, impotence, and the list goes on and on.

Most commonly, when someone who is dying from a smoking related illness is asked what they regret the most, it's usually having to tell their loved ones, especially children, that they are going to have to leave them and knowing that it could have been so simply avoided.

''Will never happen to me!''......

.....Think again. Someone dies from smoking related illnesses every 5 minutes in the UK alone. Statistically, by the time you have finished reading this another person will have died unnecessarily. This does not even include the impact on the countless lives of smokers and their families where quality of life has been removed, due to critical illnesses such as emphysema, where the sufferer can hardly breathe without access to an oxygen bottle, amputations, etc, etc. It's not nice to think about, but it is better to think and act now than leave it until it is too late.

''Don't be an Ostrich''......

Perhaps you are considering quitting smoking, but doubt you have the 'will power' to succeed? Or you find yourself saying, I'll start tomorrow....tomorrow....tomorrow. This is just one of those things that you know deep down you should 'not' be putting off till tomorrow. Take control of your own destiny and do something about it now.

Rest assured, we are here to provide the help you need to stop smoking, quickly, effectively and completely

Reachout Therapy boasts outstanding success rates, using the very best tried and tested Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques available. Studies have shown hypnotherapy to be the 'most' effective method in aiding clients to quit smoking.

The aim of using hypnosis is to make it easier (usually a lot easier) to stop than you would normally expect. The side effects often experienced when stopping smoking (cravings, becoming irritable or substituting) are minimised and often eradicated completely. We use post-hypnotic suggestions to reprogramme the inner mind so that you actually begin to believe and feel that you are in fact a non-smoker now. There is no such thing as a magic bullet, you still need to put in some effort into stopping, but hypnosis will do the rest. Most people stop after just one session.

Am I Addicted?

If you have smoked for sometime then almost certainly, the act of smoking has become a part of your automatic behaviour pattern, i.e. something you do without conscious thought. Examples of this could be: adverts come on and you light up a cigarette, It's time for a break and you light up a cigarette, the telephone rings and you light up a cigarette, you have a drink with friends and you light up a cigarette.....because that's what you do! These are known as 'preconditioned responses', another word for habits and should 'NOT' be mistaken for addiction.

Consider this:

You are happily eating your evening meal when someone swaps your knife and fork around. Really visualise this for a moment and especially how that feels to you. Feels strange doesn't it! In fact it feels so unnatural that virtually every one of us would be compelled to change our knife and fork over again to continue eating. Why? We weren't born knowing which hand we hold our knife and fork in. Neither are we 'addicted' to the way we hold our knife and fork.

This is an excellent example of a preconditioned response, a habit, and like all habits, it is not easy to change, because preconditioned responses operate at a 'subconscious level'. However, this is where Hyonotherapy comes into it's own.


The session lasts 2 hours and during the session you allow yourself to relax in hypnosis whilst very powerful suggestions are "implanted" into the mind. Highly effective NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques are also used to reinforce the suggestions and the power of your imagination is also used to create a deep response inside you. Most clients find the whole experience hugely uplifting and many feedback that in addition to quitting smoking, it also increased their confidence and belief in themselves so that they felt they could achieve anything they put their minds to.

To assist you still further, we also provide you with a free CD, which we reccommend you relax and listen to for approx 30 minutes a day for about 10-14 days following your session as well as an absolutely free personalised after care pack designed to get you through the following Weeks and Months as easily as possible.   The cost for these products would normally be £6.99 and £3.99 respectively, but are all included for free when you book up our personlised 2 hour quit smoking session. 

Make a decision right now that can help you change your life for the better.  As well as saving a small fortune on expensive cigarettes, you will also drastically improve your chances of living a longer and better quality of life.  Change your life today for your sake.....and your loved ones.

Booking your Consultation:

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