Hypno Slim and Gastric Band Weight Loss System

It is now widely acknowledged that traditional diets do not work. The majority of people who lose weight in this way put the weight back on and then some. That is why we use the Hypno Slim and Gastric Band Weight Loss System

The problem with traditional diets is that they focus on deprivation. When we are told not to do something the natural response is to do the opposite. Using hypnosis and the techniques you will be shown you will find losing weight far easier and more enjoyable.

No more Hunger

Hunger is no longer a problem and all foods are permitted. Yes you did read that correctly. All foods are permitted so long as you follow the rules of weight loss that will be explained to you during your hypnotherapy.

Your route to weight loss using hypnosis will take five or six sessions over a period of two months. This will give you the time to practice and perfect the techniques and follow the rules while giving you plenty of time to see the results between sessions.

What can you expect from your sessions?

Each session will guide you into a state of relaxed hypnosis where your subconscious mind is re-programmed using powerful suggestions and visualisations.  You will be asked to play a CD daily, during your weight loss program in order to strengthen and reinforce the suggestions given at each session. Then if you have a large amount of weight to lose you may then consider the Hypno Gastric Band.

Weight gain and issues around food are often linked to our emotions so together we will look at your emotional triggers and address these.  All of this means that you will learn only to feed your natural physical hunger with food, while you find much more beneficial ways to feed your emotional hunger.

For those clients who have a large amount of weight to lose we now have Hypno-Band. This is an hypnotic Gastric Band that gives you all the benefits of having a Gastric Band fitted without the inconvenience of time off work and the concerns about possible surgery. 

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

For many years hypnotherapists have been using various techniques to help people lose weight or manage their weight successfully.

All of these strategies and techniques are very effective in helping people lose a small or moderate amount of weight over short periods of time.  However, the big problem has always been, how to help those people who deisire to lose a large amount of weight and keep it off.

There are many reasons why people become overweight, but invariably these are due to psychological or emotional reasons.  We associate food with happiness, sadness, frustration and all manner of other emotions.  Some people eat when they are stressed and some to find comfort or love.  When questioned, many people say they eat to relieve boredom.  All of these issues need to be dealt with before Hypno Gastric Banding takes place as it is very possible that your overeating may be replaced with other alternative negative behaviours. Psychological reasons aside,  people are over-weight simply by eating too much and moving too little!

The Hypno Slim and Gastric-Band system gives you the tools to change eating habits and live a healthier and happier lifestyle, with far more ease than just using will power alone.  However, whilst this system has received amazing feedback and enjoyed much success,  you also need to 'want' to do it and be prepared to put in some effort into it's success.  There is no magic pill, but Hypno-Band will be of huge benefit to you if you are serious about making this a life changing success. 

In order to help you do this we use combined behaviour modification techniques and psychotherapy, to get to the reasons WHY you eat, WHEN you eat and WHERE you eat, together with the hypnotic gastric band procedures.  Over a series of  sessions you are taken through the process of having a gastric band fitted, using suggestion and visualisation only.  Your mind is convinced that a gastric band is fitted and your stomach is smaller and therefore you can only eat small portions of food.  This means you eat less, and by eating less often, you begin to lose weight, quickly and easily.

By using these cognitive behavioural techniques and hypnotherapy you will achieve your ideal weight, and stay there! Each session is approximately one hour in length and flexible to suit your needs and lifestyle.  Although it can be done over a period of 8 days, many clients need sessions spaced over several weeks to enable the suggestions to take effect and for them to begin seeing their behaviour modifying techniques working for them before the hypnotic band is fitted.

The principle of hypnotic gastric band surgery is not new, and has been in use for some time, and is used only for those people with a diagnosis of being Clinically Obese. This means a BMI of 30 or above.

Ready to do something about it?  Having the courage to take action is the 1st and most important step to improving your life and having the life you deserve. 

We are all individuals.  At Reachout Therapy, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised therapy for each client, to ensure maximum benefit is obtained from each session.  If you would like to book sessions we offer a no obligation, FREE initial Telephone consultation, where you can find out more.

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