InnaSynergy:  Intuitive Coaching.

What would you love to be doing with your life?

What life would you love to be living?

Do you ever ask: 'What is my life purpose'?

Are you tired of only playing a 'bit part' in the play of your life?

Are you willing and eager to let go of the limiting beliefs that have held you back? 

InnerSynergy enables you to address these questions, and to find the answers that ring true for you! I will use my many skills from years as a therapist, hypnotherapist and coach to teach you how to connect with your Intuition and imagination, to magically create the life that you would love.  

During this dynamic program, of only four sessions, you will learn how you have picked up a set of core beliefs that hold you back from achieving the life you desire. You will learn the strategies you have put in place to maintain these beliefs and which has set the structure that holds you back. 

I will show you how to use the language of your subconscious mind to gain a deeper understanding of the personas' you present to the world. You will learn how to use these different aspects of yourself at the right time and in a much more positive way. Once learned you will then be able to easily and effortlessly access your intuition at will, to help you create change in your life.  Using the techniques shown to you, you will then be able to set a course to follow, overcome blocks, and build bridges from where you are now in your current state and where you desire to be. You will learn to dismantle the structures, piece by small piece or adapt them to shift the power they have had on your life. 

This program is available as online/skype sessions as well as face to face with me.  So no matter where you are in the world you can benefit from this program.

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There have been many different definitions of intuition. My favourite definition which i use to encompass my work in this area is by Carl Jung : 'perception via the subconscious, to bring forth ideas, images, possibilities, ways out of a blocked situation, by a process that is mostly unconscious.' 

Intuition, otherwise termed as 'gut feelings', are quite often strong judgements that we often struggle to explain rationally, yet we 'know' obscurely that it is the 'right course of action' at the particular time.  Psychologists and psychotherapists explain it as a type of matching process between the given situation and condensed mental reasoning using the brains own built in short cuts. It is an innate part of every human being and one which has lain dormant in many of us.

Ancestral Legacy:

Through millions of years of evolution we seem to have lost the knack to connect effortlessly with our intuition.  Our ancestors lived by their in built intuition before anything else, before rational thought.  They used their intuition and the power of their 'will' in perfect synchronicity in times when Survival was the ultimate aim, the ultimate success.

As we evolved we began to rely more heavily on conscious rational thought processes which took us away from our own innate power. By learning to re-connect with your intuition, you are almost magically able to not only, control and manage change in your life, but direct that change and harness your 'will', in order to live a successful life doing what you love.

Taking back Control:

If you are not already living the life you would love, and i guess if you are still reading at this point then that is you, this is real evidence that your thoughts become things! You are responsible for creating the reality you are now living. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you learn to tap into your powerful Intuition and imagination.

Using the language of the subconscious, metaphors and symbols, you will be given powerful insights that will transform your life in ways that seemed unimagineable until now!

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Cost and what you get: 

4 InnerSynergy - Intuitive Coaching sessions

3 x MP3 Downloads of the hypnotic inductions.

Your personalised Journey mapped out for you to refer to at any time.

Life long techniques that will serve you whenever you need them.

Full support via Email contact throughout the sessions to ensure you fully grasp the concepts.  

All this for £380

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