People have been using scented products since time began in religious ceremonies, in massage, in the bath, and for scenting the hair and body.

If you have ever had the pleasure of an Aromatherapy massage then you will know what an enjoyable experience it is.  Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils in combination with each other to balance and heal both physical and emotional conditions.

LavenderIt is believed that individual oils have certain therapeutic properties and when combined have a beneficial effect on the body and the mind.  Used in Massage for many years it is now recognised that Aromatherapy is a very relaxing way to obtain the benefits from these powerful oils.

Essential oils have to be blended with a carrier oil due to their strength and toxic effects.  Essential oil should rarely be put straight onto the skin.  Blending is also important for the medical effect and perfume.

The medical effect is most important but it is more pleasing to use a remedy that smells attractive to the individual. Perfume is a very personal choice and some perfumes would not be appropriate for certain individuals.

As the effects of the oils also react through the olfactory system (nose) the scent of the eventual blend is important to the overall therapeutic effect.

Each oil is categorized into 'notes'.  Top, Middle and Base.  Top notes tend to be stimulating.  Middle Notes are the heart of the fragrance.  Their scent comes through some time after the first impression.  Most often used to help the general metabolism.

Base notes have a rich heavy scent that comes through slowly and lingers.  They are relaxing and sedating.

After an Aromatherapy Massage the oils should be left on the skin for as long as possible for their therapeutic benefits to be felt.  The base oils continue to work up to 5 days after a treatment.  Middles notes continue to have effect up to 48 hours.

It is recommended to have a course of 6 treatment sessions to gain the definite therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy massage treatments are available also in the comfort of your own home.  So why not give yourself a treat and book a stress beating Aromatherapy Massage today

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