Hypnotherapy quite often involves 'suggestion therapy'.  This approach is excellent for addressing the symptoms of a problem, especially if the new approach is practiced in the days shortly after your session/s. If the opportunity to test the new belief is not present, however, then the new beneficial suggestions can quite often last only for a short while.  Hypnoanalysis is a technique that looks at the 'root' cause of a problem or difficulty.  Once we identify the cause of the symptoms the change is a lasting one.  When using this approach it means many more difficulties can be addressed than the person having hypnotherapy first imagined.

It stands to reason then, that this process works on the basis of cause and effect.  Every symptom has a cause; many of the symptoms experienced by people have an underlying anxiety attached to them.  As individuals, we all approach and think about things differently, this explains why our symptoms differ, but the underlying anxiety may be the same. This underlying anxiety may have begun in childhood, early adolescence, or after an event in our adult life. Hypnoanalysis uses conscious questioning and hypnosis to get to the root.

Hypnoanalysis is not a quick fix, it does take commitment from you, in the form of time and self discipline, as well as effort.  Unlike suggestion therapy, it is not passive, you will be very involved in the process and you are likely to find out a lot more about how you 'tick' than you ever thought possible.  This means it is likely to be a most rewarding experience.

Having the courage to take action is the 1st and most important step to improving your life and having the life you deserve. 

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