'SymbioDynamics' and 'M.A.G.I.C for minds' was first created by Terence Watts, following the success of his earlier work Warriors Settlers and Nomads.  This work shows us that we have not only inherited physical characteristics from our parents and grand parents, but also their psychological make-up.  Together they can affect our success or otherwise in life.

It is now a widely held belief that the brain and mind are designed to be used together for maximum impact, and yet most of us only use a mere fraction of our natural capabilities.  This is where Symbiodynamics and Magic for Minds can really help.

Both are designed to help you harness your true potential for success that is part of every human being.  Those people who achieve their goals, are not only those who think positively, but they are the people who are able to create a 'balance of being'.  The inherited instinctive behaviours, the psychological ways of being, can be termed as 'Ancestral Memory', and it is this that creates success.  More often than not, these instinctive behaviour patterns can become distorted due to the pressures and demands of childhood and growing up.  This leads to frustration, sometimes anxiety, and frequently failure to achieve what we deserve.

Symbiodynamics and Magic for Minds will give you the tools to look at the style with which you function in the world.  It provides you with a method, to access the internal resources that have remained dormant in your psyche.  It is a formidable force that can help you achieve almost any task you set yourself, from establishing and sustaining loving relationships, financial success or even managing physical illness.

How it works

The method aims to create a Symbiosis (mutual benefit) between the three major processes of thought.  These are: Assertiveness, Protectiveness and the ability to handle Change.  These are the very instincts that are vital for survival and every creature on earth is born with a perfect balance of all three.

SymbioDynamics will show you, often in no more than three sessions how to create that symbiosis to achieve success in all that you do.

SymbioDynamic Practitioners can help you find the 'part' of you which is no longer working properly, making you whole again.  Helping you go for that promotion you've always wanted, improve your relationships or help you find the skills inside to be successful.

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