Welcome to the resources page.  Whether you are a practicing therapist looking for Hypnosis Products there is plenty of choice to exercise your Brain along with some wonderfully relaxing and calming Royalty Free Music.  You may be simply looking for information that can help you as a consumer. Maybe you have some particular problem you want help with, then you will find plenty here to interest you.  Books that help you to understand Hypnoanalysis, and plenty of self help strategies and free stuff too!

Newly qualified therapists may be interested in the Inductions and Deepeners that enhance the state of hypnotic trance in your clients and these are Crucial to the hypnotic experience.  Once your client is deeply relaxed you will also find some of the extremely useful hypnosis Scripts written by Terrence Watts helpful for a whole host of issues that affect your clients.  Maybe you have an interest in working with issues that affect Children?  You will find plenty of information to help in this wonderfully imaginative book. 

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