National Non Smoking Day 14th March - Hypnotherapy 'Quit Smoking Seminar'

Rob Fairhead and Dee Twentyman from Reachout Therapy ( are running a 2 ½ Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Workshop at Garons, Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre.

Rob states that each year over 100,000 people die from Smoking related illnesses in England alone, equating to around 1 person every 5 minutes. Sadly, many more suffer from additional severe health conditions as a direct result of primary and secondary smoking. Not only does Smoking considerably reduce the average life expectancy, it also reduces the quality of your life while you are here and can have a devastating effect on other members of the family.

Smoking is now socially less acceptable, since the ban in pubs and restaurants came into effect. Many dislike the habit, want to stop, but don't believe they can. Indeed, many have tried without success, further enforcing that belief. Rob went on to say that in fact many people try hypnotherapy as a last resort and are astounded by the results.

Another good reason to stop is the financial benefits, especially in this current financial climate. Someone smoking an average of 20 cigarettes daily stands to save £6.59 a day, which over the period of a year, works out to £2,405.

Rob stated that ultimately no quit smoking method provides 100% guarantee and many of his clients have previously tried conventional methods with varying rates of success. Rob explained that the subconscious mind plays a key role in either obstructing or taking on board positive changes. As hypnosis enables the subconscious mind to take on board positive suggestion more easily, it is believed that hypnotherapy achieves one of the highest success rates in kicking the habit for good.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to stop smoking, whether it is health consideration, or saving for that tropical getaway: hypnotherapy could work for you.

If you are interested in booking a limited place for this event, please contact Garons on 01702 613000. If you require additional information on the QUIT SMOKING seminar or any other mind related matters, please contact Rob Fairhead on 01702 322799

Our specialist areas are IBS, Pain Management, Stress Management, Hypno-Slim Weight Management Workshops, and Stop Smoking Workshops. We also have other workshops in development, including Communications and Culture.

Please contact us for more details of our New Year 2012 Hypno-Slim and Stop Smoking workshops in and around Southend on Sea. 

Stress Management:

The Stress Management course we deliver is different to anything else you will have seen before. 

As psychotherapists, we are able to offer each delegate a far deeper understanding of who 'they' actually are at a base level.  We are, after all individuals and as such we all react differently to challenges and every day situations we come across.  What stresses 'me' out will not necessarily impact 'you' the same way and vice-versa.  Most courses will provide blanket cover information on what stress is and how it affects us all, and general tips on how to manage stress (of course this is all still relevant and worthwhile learning).  However, the course we provide covers not only this, but also a detailed explanation of 'who you are'.  This enables each individual to identify their weaknesses and strengths and where they come from.  This enables us to provide the tools for each delegate as to how they can minimise their own stresses and maximise their strengths.

We focus not only on stress in the work place, but also stress in other parts of their lives.  Afterall, these other stresses will have an impact on their work as well.

By providing them each with their own individual blueprint and the tools to minimise the harmful stress they experience, we will maximise their sense of happiness.  In our experience, happy staff tend to be the most confident and productive staff.  They tend to respond to challenges instead of react to them and therefore tend to overcome barriers standing in the way of success far more easily. 

It is likely that you will see a transformation in the way the staff who attend this course respond and achieve in the office or other working environment, bringing a new vitality to your workforce.

We welcome any further enquiries to discuss in the needs of your business and what we can offer you in more detail.
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Communication and Culture Workshops

This is an exciting new course that is nearing development completion and we hope to be able to offer to business with a minimum of 10 delegates in the very near future.  More details to follow shortly.  

Self Hypnosis:

This two day workshop gives you the grounding for understanding hypnosis, the benefits to you and how to use it yourself. You will be shown how to write hypnotic suggestions to overcome specific issues in your life. The course is enjoyable, fun and there is plenty of time to practice.
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Pain Control - Using Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation Techniques


Further details coming soon.

Past Life Regression:

This workshop enables participants to enter two of their previous past lives, while also giving you some interesting information regarding Past Life Regression and its' uses for indvidual private therapy.
More on Past Life Regression...

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