Pain Control - Using Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

Our group sessions last 2 hours per week over 8 weeks.  During these sessions you will be taught simple Hypnotherapy and Meditation techniques that I call Subconscious MedicineTM you can use easily at home to practice between sessions. Eash weekly group session builds on the previous week until you are confident in your ability to control and manage your comfort levels.  

Our Pain Management Sessions have helped thousands of people manage their pain successfully.  Our sessions work with your prescribed medication, but patients have been able to reduce or stop their pain medication with all their added side effects. 

Groups are small and supportive - maximum of 10 people.  You will be given CD's to listen to on a daily basis and there will be some 'homework' to do.  This all helps to build up your level of control and encourage a feeling of personal involvement which reduces the dependancy and stress some people experience when coping with long term pain and discomfort.

Cost:  £65

You can find out when the next group is running and reserve your place and find out more information by contacting Dee on this number: 0191 4138314 or Mobile: 07903 456237

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