Workshop: Stress Management

This is not just ‘another’ standard stress course.. We ‘will’ cover off a good deal of what they teach us, but today you will also be provided with a far greater insight into how your ’individual’ mind works, especially your subconscious mind, why it works that way and utilising that knowledge to help you cope with challenges, stress and anxiety in a far more beneficial way….

I will just point out at this stage too that not only will this course make a tremendous difference to the way you deal with challenges in the work place, but it will also be invaluable to helping you deal with and improve your personal life immeasurably.  For example, increasing your confidence and sense of self worth so that you feel much happier in yourself, which could in turn improve your key aspects of your personal life like relationships, enjoyment of hobbies, general health, wealth and fitness.

Course objectives:

  1. Accept stress is a valuable part of life
  2. Understand the effect of stress on the body and mind
  3. Identify your own symptoms to stress
  4. Identify your own personal ways to deal with stress
  5. Become more self aware
  6. Learn to be able to truly relax
  7. Understand the benefits of relaxing
  8. Some useful techniques, such as self hypnosis and NLP
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