M.A.G.I.C.! For Minds E-Book
This E-book was written by Terence Watts an international authority on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. He devised this powerful new way of accessing instinctive inherited resources that all living creatures possess. These resources are essential to our survival and our well being. This e-book will show you how to use your powerful mind to easily achieve anything you want. The download link will be sent to you following successful completion of your payment details.


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Complete Quit Smoking Programme for Professionals
This E book was written by Robert Fairhead and Dee Twentyman and is every professional Therapists 'MUST HAVE' Quit Smoking tutorial. This complete programme is different from most, as it literally gives you a STEP-By-STEP aproach and all you will need to provide an outstanding 2 hour quit smoking session. This includes everything from a client questionairre, to what to say and do every step of the way, diagrams to help clients visualise, scripts, explanations for the therapist and much more. It has been thoughtfully written with both the clients and therapists needs in mind to ensure that you will be able to present the double session to your client with absolute confidence and ease, whilst maximising your client success rate. The REACHOUT THERAPY QUIT SMOKING PROGRAMME boasts an outstanding success rate. It combines all the things that have worked time and time again over hundreds of hours of quit smoking sessions. All thats left to do is add your own unique personality and delivery style to make this yours.


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Quit Smoking After Care Pack
This E-Book was written by Robert Fairhead and Dee Twentyman. Designed for the small percentage of clients who truly want to quit smoking, but who continue struggling to quit after therapy. It is written in a personlised manner reminding your client just why they wanted to quit and how to get back on track. Excellent feedback from clients as to it's effectiveness and it also attracts more clients as this shows additional due care.


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